Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Ordering is Easy!

Placing an Order

You can place your order right here on our website! If you choose not to order on-line, here is some information you need when ordering by email, phone or fax.

  • Machine Manufacturer: Know the machine make and model your tools are being used on so we can help ensure you get the right parts.
  • Style of Punch and Die: Check your tools for the style number that fits in your machine. The numbers are etched directly on the tooling. We can cross reference any competitors' part number. If you don't see style numbers, call us. We will need the dimensions of the outside diameter and height of the die and the head, body and overall length of the punch.
  • Alignment: If you are ordering shaped tooling, do you need keyways and locating spots? Need more information? Click here Alignment Tools
  • Material: The type of material and thickness you are punching are necessary in determining the die clearance you require. To calculate your die size click here Die Clearance Calculator
  • Hole Size and Shape: Specify the hole size and shape you require. Your hole size must be slightly larger than the size of tooling being passed through the hole in the material. For example, a 1/2" bolt will not pass through a 1/2" hole. A 17/32" punch would be required for a 1/2" bolt. Our punches and dies are marked with their actual size.
  • Shear Blades: Specify make and model of the machine or the part number on the blade. If this information is not available, send a sketch or sample of the blade required. You can do that here Custom Tooling
  • Custom Tooling: If you require custom tooling, we’re happy to help. Please send a sketch or sample of the tooling you need. Click here Custom Tooling