Die Clearance Calculator

Die Clearance Calculator

Determine what size die you need for your punching application

Clearance is the amount of extra space required in the hole of the die to allow the punch to pass through to punch a hole in the material.

Clearance is determined by the type and thickness of the material being punched.

Determine proper clearance by using these guidelines or click the button below and we'll calculate it for you.

Mild Steel Thickness Clearance Between Punch and Die
16 gauge and lighter .006"
15 gauge thru 13 gauge .010"
3/32" up to 5/32" 1/64"
3/16" up to 15/32" 1/32"
1/2" up to 23/32" 1/16"
3/4" up to 31/32" 3/32"
1" and over 1/8"

Example: a 9/16" punch punching through 1/2" thick mild steel would need 1/16" clearance. The die size would be 5/8". When ordering dies, refer to our die clearance calculator.

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